Retire To Agric: Conclave and Exhibition was borne out of the need to expose Pensioners, About to Retire, Individuals, Workers, Agripreneurs, and Young minds the opportunity to explore the unending opportunities in the agricultural sector in Africa and beyond.

The conference is to enhance participants that are into farming or agribusiness make maximum profit on their produce and explore diversification. Participants can see agriculture as a viable business to venture into and they will at the end of the conference be clear on the part of farming or agricultural value chain they will be interested in.

We have taken our time to curate an intensive programme that will change the entire concept of agriculture in the minds of old and young people. Agriculture is not only about cultivating using cutlasses and hoes, it entails various aspects and we have chosen seasoned speakers that are successful in what they do and willing to share the rudiments and processes of their businesses.

Retire To Agric: Conclave and Exhibition is designed to create a formidable platform that brings together reputable agricultural institutions, Fund Managers, Private Sector Finance and Investment Companies, Agro-Allied companies, Leading Agribusiness Companies, Infrastructure Experts, and Agricultural Experts.


  • Farm setup: we help in setting-up farms from land acquisition to stocking of farm inventories. We also help in farm management for anyone who is willing to venture into farming but have limited time.
  • Local and International Farm tours- We organize farms tours within and outside Nigeria. Farmers or individuals can go on these tours to see various forms of Agriculture systems, farm technologies, new trends, and to participate in farm activities.
  • Farmers connection- We bring farmers together to buy and sell their produce from each other on this platform